Best Free Slots Online Casino Gaming Guide

Interested in playing free slots online casino games? Read this helpful and quick game guide.

The basics of online slot machines will be explained. That includes pay tables, pay-lines, slot machine betting, autoplay, betting the max, and progressives. Playing free slots might be good practice after reading the guide.

Before beginning play, free slots online casino players should familiarize themselves with the online gambling site they have located. A review of the game to be played should be available. Both time and money can be saved when playing the free slots online casino version of a real money slot machine.

Find the ‘spin’ button.

The ‘bet max’ and ‘spin’ button often look very similar and are located close together.
Players can start when they know which button is which.

Bettors need to click if an auto-spin button is featured. This feature allows for customization. It can be set to stop spinning if a bonus round is activated or completed. It can also be configured to stop spinning after a designated amount of money is won or lost.

Bettors should be familiar with all the options of the slot game they have selected. They should know about the bet-per-line default, the active pay-line numbers, and the ways which wagers can be varied and controlled. Most games have a Bet Max option. The options should be checked. Other gamble options sometimes include the opportunity to double or triple money after a winning spin.

Bonus games have rules for which bettors need to be aware. Excited players sometimes jump in without fully understanding what they are doing. A brief description should have been in the review of the game. Knowing about bonus games before they occur prevents confusion. The biggest earning opportunities take place in bonus rounds. Understanding the rules is crucial. When play begins, an upper limit of how much the bettor is willing to spend should be set. That limit needs adherence to avoid blowing more money than intended.


The most important part of online slot games is the pay-table. During play, it is not typically visible. It should be checked beforehand. Game reel symbols and the number needed to win are shown on the paytable. Sometimes the symbols can be anywhere on the play-line. At other times, a particular combination has to appear. The number of credits earned with a winning spin is also found on the paytable. The pay-table layout varies. Most often an ascending order (lowest to highest) is listed.

Bonus feature information is also in the pay-table. Bonus rounds sometimes have unlockable features. That is why in-depth guides should be studied.

Superfluous information related to the theme of the slot game is sometimes found in the pay-table. It is not necessary, but reading the game’s narrative may help one become involved in the slots. Pay-tables serve as mini-guides for the game. Nearly all needed information can be found there.


The land-based slot machines that first came out had only one pay-line. It was straight through the middle. Three like symbols along the pay line denoted a winning combination. The slot machine would pay out. The value of the symbols determined the amount won. Things are more complicated today. Some online slots have only one pay-line, but a greater number is more typical. Anywhere from five to twenty-five pay lines is not unusual. There truly are multiple ways to win.

A win-both-ways system allows prizes to be claimed when three or more symbols appear right-to-left on a pay-line. A unique feature will award wins when consecutive reels have correct symbols of any number. Chances of winning are frequently higher. Intelligent betting could net a big pay-out.

Slot games that have more than a single pay-line usually provide choices of pay-lines to keep active. The decision is made with a button for “line options”. There may be twenty lines available, but a bettor may choose only ten. Active lines will be highlighted during play.

The bet-per-line and the number of pay-lines are important decisions. When asked for advice, the most common suggestion is to bet small and keep as many pay-lines in use as possible to maximize the bet spread. That does not guarantee a win, but the more pay-lines open, the more likely a winning combination will be found. Bettors need to be vigilant about the open pay-lines. It is easy to forget the number opened if someone begins to win.

Bonus Features

Some bonus is included in most slot games. They allow larger sums of money to be won. some common features exist. ‘Check Me’ bonuses are relatively simple. Clicking on one or more symbols reveals a cash sum, free spin, multiplier, or ‘collect’ symbol. Each slot game has a different kind of bonus. Clear rules that tell how to proceed are available.

Free spin bonuses, not to be confused with free slots, yield a prescribed number of free spins. Play can continue without placing a bet. Points can be racked up without betting any money. This can be quite profitable. Some free spins are based on the wager placed before winning the spins. Free spins can be ‘stacked’ by winning more spins before using the original spins won. There are other inventive ways that players can make money. Rules will be explained as simply as can be. When uncertain, the pay table should be checked.


Autoplay is a feature that will spin the reel for a player. Normal pre-set values are from five to 100 spins. Some online gambling games allow more. One-thousand spins are not out of the realm of possible.

When large amounts of money are being spent, the auto-spin button becomes very useful. People wishing to take advantage of bonus rounds or other particular features may also find auto-spin helpful. Either a window will appear indicating the auto-spins have been completed, or games will stop.

Auto-play needs to be monitored. The game could keep spinning and exhaust a bank account. Walking away from the auto-spin game could be disastrous.


Only a few slot games have progressive jackpots available. The biggest possible wins are provided by them. Players pool bets into one shared jackpot that continues to increase until someone wins.

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